I think that we have all at least at one point in our life experienced an event which has stopped us in our tracks and made us reflect on what is really important to us at a personal level. What do we want to get right in terms of relationships? What do we not want to have regrets about? Most of us probably reflected and agonised and then, when time “heals”, we move on and get right back into the adrenalin fix of long, gruelling hours spent working, away from family and friends and disconnected from our communities. What inspired me, is how Kees van der Graaf made that personal change, sustains it and has turn a heart breaking personal experience into a family experience of giving, communities, sharing and supporting life-long learning.

Defining Moments: What every leader should know about balancing life

by IMD Executive-in-Residence
ISBN: 978-2-839-90706-4