Cross Sector

Connecting you with people who will challenge and inspire you.

Who joins a Cross Sector Set

Cross Sector Sets, while not exclusively, are suitable for senior executives who:

  • Lead larger scale complex portfolios
  • Have 5 - 10 years senior leadership experience
  • Are experiencing industry challenges and are leading a complex change agenda
  • Often manage an operating budget exceeding $20m and may administer a larger program budget

“For a Learning Set to be high-impact, you need to bring the right mix of people together with an incredibly astute and experienced facilitator.”

- Kevin Hardy, Founder Principal HG


A unique networking opportunity

Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve more.



Unlock the power of shared knowledge by gaining perspective from those who faced the same challenges.



A hot house where your ideas are challenged and you are held to account by your peers.



Not a training program but the coming together of leaders to collaborate, support and push each other.